Kol Zimra delivers interactive harmony entertainment, ideal for (but not limited to!) Shabbat, Festivals and High Holidays.

Services Kol Zimra provides include:

  • Opening dining room in song
  • Strolling tables, taking requests
  • Leading Simcha/Hora dance set(s)
  • Campfire-style Sing-a-Longs (e.g. Oneg Shabbat, Kumzitz, “Slow Shira,” Melava Malka)
  • Leading Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals)
  • Leading and/or enhancing Davening/Tefilla/Prayer Services (modern or cantorial) 
  • Leading Havdallah and candle lighting/wine ceremonies

…and more!

Customized Song & Music Video Production also available (for personal occasions, organizations, corporations).


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